European Laboratory for
Particle Physics

Corrado Pettenati

From January 2006 onwards, Group Leader of the Administrative Support in the Directorate Services Unit.

From February 1995 to December 2005, Head Librarian at CERN Geneva.

Group leader of Scientific Information Service - DSU Unit. Responsible for Central Library and Historical Archives.
The main areas of work have been:

ETT deputy division leader from June 2000 to June 2004.

From 1976 to January 1995 at the European University Institute -Florence.

from 1976 to 1984, systems librarian as library staff; in this period we developed one of the first European in-house library automation systems, fully integrated,

from 1985 to 1995, Head of EUI Computer Center always personally in charge of the Library automation support; during this period we acquired, installed and tuned two generations of turn-key library automation systems (GEAC 8000 and Innopac), connected the Library system to Internet, started the use of Internet resources to librarians. A CD-ROM LAN was also selected and acquired for library use.

Graduated in 1969 from the Polytechnic in Milan, Italy with a degree (laurea) in Electrical Engineering.